Mava Knee Sleeves for Serious Workouts

No matter what your own workout routines are, Mava knee sleeves provide additional support and stability to avoid injuries to your knees!  If you’re serious about your workouts, competitions, and protecting your knees, Mava can do the job.

Mava knee sleeves are recommended for both men and women who engage in cross training, WOD, powerlifting, weightlifting, squats, gym workouts, running, and walking. They are high-quality knee sleeves that have been proven to help athletes with their excellent features, which are further stated below.

Mava makes several different knee sleeve models for different applications. This review is going to cover the Mava Sports Neoprene sleeves.

Mava Knee Sleeves Review

When it comes to features, Mava Knee Sleeves leads the way is benefits, advantages, and versatility.

Mava Features

  • They have a thick 7mm design, which provides the best compression.
  • They are anatomically shaped and have an ergonomic design for better stability.
  • They are durable and built to last as evident with the double stitching.
  • They are proven to increase performance.
  • They provide orthopedic support to prevent any injuries from happening.
  • They also help with joint pain recovery, which is especially useful during rehab.
  • They help reduce inflammation and swelling by stimulating blood flow. They also helps relieve muscle stiffness, soreness, pain, and knee discomfort, including arthritis, osteoporosis, and tendonitis, during and after workouts.
  • They have a heating effect and compression, which promotes muscular recovery and rehabilitation.
  • They are very comfortable and efficient, with no unpleasant stiffness.
  • The available sizes are small, which can fit 11.8 to 13 inches; medium for 13.0 to 14.2 inches; large for 14.2 to 15.7 inches; extra large for 15.7 to 17 inches; and double extra large for up to 18.3 inches.


  • Mava sleeves are so comfortable and flexible they’re great for any leg workouts
  • Competition grade means heavy workouts, running, walking, or a trip to the mall
  • Great for knee problems
  • Flexibility means knees bend easily
  • No more soreness and stiffness after workouts


  • 7mm thickness means they don’t breath all that well
  • Neoprene construction always means odors until washed a few times

Knee Sleeves Are For Everybody

The fact is, even if you do not consider yourself a professional athlete, you may still want to benefit from the use of knee sleeves in your regular workout routine. But, it is important that you get the right knee sleeve for the sports or physical activities that you do often.

For instance, a person who frequently lifts a lot of heavy weights may need a different type of knee sleeve than a person who performs a lot of squats. So, it is important for you to be informed about the factors that you should look for as well as the benefits of each knee sleeve available on the market.

Don’t Stress Your Knees Without Them

The support provided by Mava knee sleeves is essential for people who put pressure on their knees while performing a task or an exercise repetitively.

When finding the best knee sleeves for you, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first is to determine the type of activity that you usually do and the exercises that you will participate in frequently.

Mava Knee Sleeves Are High Quality Protection

For instance, will you be lifting weights? Will you be running or cycling? Or will you just be doing some power squats? If your activities will require more knee support, then you should opt for knee sleeves that are built with extra stability and compression.

No matter what your workout routines are, knee sleeves may help in terms of providing additional support and comfort. One product that you might want to consider is the Mava Knee Sleeves.

They are recommended for both men and women who engage in cross training, WOD, powerlifting, weightlifting, as well as squats and other gym workouts. They are proven to help athletes with their excellent features that are further stated below.


With athletes in mind, Mava came up with these knee compression sleeves, as they aim to provide a product that can help with knee support and valuable compression.

Stay Safe And Prevent Injuries With Quality Knee Sleeves

The major purposes of these sleeves are to provide safety and prevent injuries among those who do CrossFit training, powerlifting, weightlifting, and other heavy duty workouts.

What makes them special is the fact that they are anatomically shaped for better performance and optimal support. They are also guaranteed not to slip off, even when doing extreme exercises.

Mava knee sleeves can help not only professional athletes, but also sports and fitness enthusiasts with muscle recovery and rehabilitation. Aside from those who engage in sports, these sleeves can also be used by people who have knee problems and are in need of support and compression.

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